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Questions & Answers

Will I meet the sitter before I book?

Yes, we insist on this. It is very important you see the environment your dog will be living in, that you meet any resident dogs and that your dog looks comfortable and relaxed in their holiday home.

Do you offer a collection service?

Generally no, as we find it best for a dog when the owner can bring it themself and settle them into their holiday home.

My dog doesn’t get on with other dogs but is fine with people, would this be a problem?

Not necessarily. We would need to know this at the booking stage though and then we could match it to a house without dogs. Obviously, extra care would have to be taken on any walks and when out of the house.

My dog normally sleeps on my bed, will the sitter allow them to do this?

Sitters generally do not allow dogs to sleep on their beds, however we do have a few exceptions! Please let us know when you are registering and we will make sure we only consider stters that are happy to have dogs on their bed.

What if I visit the recommended sitter and there is a problem?

Let us know and we can talk through the alternatives.

Does my dog need to be vaccinated?

Yes, they must be up to date with their annual vaccinations and have had recent worming and flea treatment. They do not need a kennel cough vaccination. If there is reason why your dog is not vaccinated, please discuss this with us.

Do you accept puppies?

Yes we do, as long as they are house trained and do not chew furniture or belongings.

What do I need to provide for my dog?

When dropping your dog for their holiday you should also bring enough food for their stay, their bed and water bowls, toys, collar, lead, poo bags and any medication required.

What if I forget to bring something to the sitters?

Don’t worry, we should be able to supply it. However, there may be a charge if your sitter has to purchase it.

Does my dog have to wear a collar?

Yes, this is essential as we will be attaching a Top Dog Sitters tag, with your sitters contact details.

Are all dogs suitable for Home Boarding?

Unfortunately no. We cannot accept dogs that are aggressive, have behaviour problems or are not house trained. Please keep in mind your dog would be staying in a family home, so our service is only suitable for friendly, family dogs.

What happens if my dog takes not well during their stay?

We will take your dog to your own vet, as long as it is within reasonable travelling distance. If it is too far, or it is an emergency, we will take your dog to the nearest vet (generally the sitters). All costs will need to be reimbursed on your return. We will keep in contact with you to let you know what is happening.

My dog is on medication, can the sitter administer this?

Yes, we will have taken full details at the registration stage. If the medication levels change, please let us know at drop off.

My dog mustn’t be let off the lead as he runs away. Will this be a problem?

No, your dog will be exercised as per your instruction given at the registration stage.

I have two dogs. Will you accept both into the one house?

Yes, we would never split dogs that are from the same family. Some sitters only take one dog at a time, so we would talk through the two dog households with you at the registration stage.

How far ahead do I have to book?

As far ahead as possible. We will try and accommodate last minute bookings but it is safer to book in advance.

What if I cancel my booking?

If you cancel your booking I am afraid the deposit is non-refundable (although there are exceptional circumstances). Also, depending on the amount of notice given, some of the sitters fee may also be payable (50% with 1 weeks notice, 100% with 48 hours notice). If we rebook any of the dates though, neither would be chargable. However, please discuss this with us if the situation occurs.

My dog is getting on in years. What happens if they pass on after I have booked my dates and paid my deposit but before my trip?

This is of course one of those situations where we would refund your deposit in full.

What if I collect my dog early?

If you collect your dog early, unfortunately no refund can be given. Your sitter will have been allocated for you booking dates, so is unable to take any other dogs during this period.

What if my flight is delayed or I’m late back?

Ring your sitter as soon as possible and let them know about the change in your collection times

Do you offer any discounts for longer stays?

Generally no, but this depends on the sitter, the time of year and the length of stay. Please ring with details and we can advise you better.

Can you provide day care?

Most sitters can but only with dogs that use the holiday service and have been to stay in the past. The charge would be the normally daily rate.

Can I stay with a different sitter next time?

Yes, not a problem. You can do this but we often find that your dog settles better with familiar surroundings, so using the same sitter would be more beneficial.